Issue Camp

As developers, we've found that we use github issues for just about everything these days. Planning projects, planning weekends, life journals, as the backend for a blog platform, the list goes on and on.

We want to bring the power of issues to the masses!

Our project aims to extract the most valuable features of issues into a more generalized planning and discussion platform and social network. This means that, even though we know that nerdy features like markup are awesome, we need to build tooling on top of those features to make them accessible to everyone on the internet. We will integrate with other social services so something like planning an airbnb vacation will not need to revolve around sending endless email links with your friends -- just create an issue and view the relevant airbnb content in the discussion.

This weekend was just a start, but it is something we've been thinking about (and using in the form of github issues for awhile). We are excited to share our idea with others, get feedback, and make Issue Camp an platform that is truly useful for everyone.

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