I Need Some Space

A simple Chrome extension that relies on publicly available NASA APIs to create awe-inspiring home pages, featuring either a live satellite feed from the International Space Station or a random image generated from NASA's APOD, or Astronomy Picture of the Day. You can download the extension at this link.


Simply download and install the Chrome Extension. Hit "OK" on the dialog box when asked if it is okay to override what the new tab will look like. Finally, simply open a new tab and enjoy the view, and refresh for a new view and quote.

Built With


  • Santiago Cortes - Quote Scraping - sntgC
  • Ansh Jain - Image Generation - Gamebot3
  • Ashwin Kudva - Quote Generation, UI - shwinay
  • Amit Joshi - ISS Feed Management - amit56
  • Rahul Krishnan - UI Development - rahulk64
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