We were inspired by the Spy theme for HowdyHack this year, as well as the problems that have come with the technological advances of the 21st century. With the wide array of information that is now available to us comes the pressing challenge to manage and use that data. With this need, we developed a plan for user data to potentially be combined on one site for easy accessibility - and for other people to view.

While this was an idea better suited for a mobile application, my team and I decided on creating a web application instead due to the ease of learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on Microsoft Visual Studio compared to trying to learn Swift or C++ on a different software tool. We soon learned that, while it was "easier" to learn languages like HTML on the fly, it was definitely not "easy". Nevertheless, we persevered, knowing both when to rely on others for help and when to rely on just ourselves and the Internet.

With the end in sight, we now present iSpy, the easiest way to snoop around on the Internet. Enjoy!

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