Inspiration ♻️

Call it luck or destiny, our team happened to meet as a result of one of asking the others which bin he should put his plastic bottle in. Despite having grown up in this country, people still struggle to figure out which bin to use especially if no labels are present. We realized that this could be an actual problem, where small actions could lead to such large consequences. Hence, we decided to work with this app.

What it does ♻️

The main feature our app uses the Google Cloud Vision API to predict labels, which we then use to predict whether something belongs in the trash, compost or recycle. It can support multiple users and also has a gamification system to

How we built it ♻️

With our blood sweat and tears. But honestly, we built by taking hardware to extreme rare, with a side of frustration (which is common with debugging), sprinkles of sleeplessness, and a dash of teamwork.

Challenges we ran into ♻️

Since half of our team were beginners and the other half wasn't experienced with android dev at all, we really took on a challenge by deciding to make an app. We ran into a lot of issues

Accomplishments that we're proud of ♻️

We are happy that we were able to create a minimum viable product in this short duration. We're especially glad it's not just a "weekend-only" idea and it is something we can continue to make better. This idea is something we hope in the future can be something that truly has a social impact and can actually make the world a cleaner place.

What we learned ♻️

It was fun to revitalize the real reason of why we are all pursuing Computer Science. Starting from our deep interest in putting our collective knowledge to use in some productive way to our shared passion of doing good for others. We would like to thank HackDavis for giving us this opportunity. We've learned that we should definitely be coming back here, for as long as we can. On the technical side we learnt Hosting, UI/UX Development, Android Dev.

What's next for iSort ♻️

We're looking into expanding the gamification portion of the app, by introducing quizzes and making the app more kid friendly. We want upcoming generations to be comfortable with the idea of recycling and grow up in a world that can truly be waste-free.

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