iSonics is designed as a musical instrument for composers and performers of the quickly developing field of Electronic Music. It is an attempt to challenge the established practice of rendering an electroacoustic work with minimal participation of the performer (oftentimes being the composer himself/herself) and offer a greater connection between one’s physical motion and sound production, thus extending the physical involvement of the performers in music-making. When using this app, one is to either record sounds with the mobile device's microphone or choose sound files from the device's iTunes library and load them into the four buffers on the screen, titled Sound 1, Sound 2, Sound 3 and Sound 4. Press play: the colorful rectangle will appear. Tap/slide the finger on this rectangle to transform the selected sounds (after you have recorded the sounds, you can select them by tapping the top buttons). A brief “Settings” menu offers options for glissandi and sound durations. Tilting the phone to the right will activate the low-pass filter.

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