Revolutionising the online world of entertainment

Artists, DJs and all the other performers are facing unexpected issues of COVID-19 with loss of income. Major artists have savings, which may help maintain their lives for a longer period of time. When it comes to smaller caliber artists - they struggle a lot. We believe that the donation system is out of date and we are revolutionizing the world of digital entertainment with Isonation - digital venue for entertainment people. This will help artists to generate some income at the time of crisis and will bring joy to the fans as artists and fans have never been closer to each other.

We recreate the rules of everyday lives. Digitally!

Isonation is an online stage for performers. What makes it unique is the fact that it makes life simple for them. Artists can start off a concert from their laptop or stream it with full production. We believe that the donation system is not as effective as the rough statistics show that only a minority of the fans are making donations in support. Our platform will enable to sell unique non-sharable tickets at a reasonable price to bring artists and fans together at the time of crisis and beyond it. Really easy-to-use platform, which is orientated towards artists in the first place. The uniqueness of this platform would be ticket validation, meaning no link sharing with friends. It is super easy to use and the fact that we are putting artists in priority should draw their attention.

How I built it

We will build it during the hackathon :)

Challenges I ran into

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Accomplishments that I'm proud of

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What I learned

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What's next for Isonation

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