The structure of set combinations reveals quadratic polynomial interpretation of the usual combinations equations.

What it does

The scrips comprehend graphs of linear combinations of sum of series (x)*(x+1)/2 quadratics isomorphic to powers of 2. Argumented scripts can perform arithmetic in terms of the graph representation. A further script extends the graph for comprehension of quartet polynomials.

How I built it

NetBeans IDE hosted Java development. Neo4j hosts the graph. Its browser runs scrips.

Challenges I ran into

Tried to do too much at once. The project is at version 1.0

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Cypher learning curve not too tough.

What I learned

Graphs can represent algebras.

What's next for Isomorphic Addition Project

The next version does generalize into higher degreed polynomials. Data will be explored with an eye towards Lagrange's theorem, Wilson's theorem ... Zeppelin will host connectivity including %spark analysis of graph.

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