As the pandemic has progressed, we've seen family members and friends feel the impact of COVID-19 both health-wise and economically. However, small retail businesses and restaurants have especially felt the consequences of prolonged lockdown. We thus wanted to create a tool that will allow business owners to track the overall health of their businesses, and make adjustments to their business model accordingly.

How it works/How we built it

Business owners first enter various statistics about their company in a spreadsheet; we have attached a link to a template for this spreadsheet. They can then upload their data to our website, where our program converts the excel template into a pandas data frame and visualizes graphs of growth and vitality using Python and Plotly, respectively. Different slices of the visualization and analytics can be changed using the drop-down menu, which uses a callback function to update the information.

Challenges that we faced

A few challenges included formatting the spreadsheet template and figuring out how to create a drop-down menu and deciding what analytics should be presented. Plotly and its integration with HTML was difficult, and we had to familiarize ourselves with the basics of web development as this is the first time for most of us. We also had a hard time with creating graphs, but it worked once we got the hang of it.

What we're proud of

This was the first hackathon for most of our teammates. Entering this project, only one of us had used Plotly before, and we all had varying skill levels with Python. We all got a degree of familiarity with Plotly, web development, and concepts such as callbacks. As we worked on it using Visual Studio Code Live, we were able to edit the program simultaneously. At the end of the day, we are happy that we were able to create our product within such a short time span.

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