The social distance regulation lasted for over half a year, asking people staying at home in the meanwhile causes a great number of mental issues, like loneliness and isolation to people. Therefore the people who have been staying home for so long are in desperate need of some sociability.

What it does

An application focus on mental health by providing an innovative community during Covid-19 period.

How we built it

By, JavaFX, FXML, Android Studio

Challenges we ran into

It is hard to come up with an innovative topic related to Covid-19 and we spend lots of time on brainstorming.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

beautiful interface is drawn by one of our teammates

What we learned


What's next for Isolet

After the covid 19 periods, we can embed this software to the current mainstream social software as an entertaining activity, offering users another option to socialize, especially anonymously and in a slow-paced way.

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