A lot of people cannot go outside nowadays and they cannot get basic stuff from the store. Even if I am young and in good shape, I cannot go outside and risk my life getting the COVID-19 virus because of some autoimmune disease I discovered recently. Hence, I must do everything from my apartment.

IsolationApp helps people connect easier during the isolation period by allowing users to ask or offer help by placing a red marker on the map (asking for help) or blue marker (offering help). It shows you data only for country that you are located at that very moment. So map, markers, info about the virus and everything else is optimized just for that country. Also, I just added another great feature -> anonymous data donation for gathering info about the nation's mental and physical health on a daily basis.

I built it within 3 days, as I made my personal hackathon from March 20. 2020 and published the app on Play Store on Sunday, March 23. 2020. But Google took 7 days to review it and the app was published on March 29. 2020.

Challenges we ran into

It wasn't my first time that I used Firebase RealtimeDatabase, but it was really challenging to setup whole backend infrastructure as this is no ordinary database (NoSql db). Finishing all this in 3 days and publishing the app was quite challenging

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finishing the app within 3 days, successfully listening for feedbacks and reacting so fast while developing changes. I am not sleeping for 2 weeks now. Also, The Association of Psychotherapy Societies of Serbia joined my app in order to talk to people for free

What we learned

Volunteers are as important as other people asking for help.

What's next for IsolationApp

Connecting Association of Psychotherapy Societies in other countries, making support for Red Cross volunteers, small businesses related to shopping, food delivery, etc.

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