Welcome to IsoCrunch! Our goal is to help people stay active and healthy at home and on the go, using absolutely no equipment!

We got inspired through the quarantine and the inability to go workout at the gym, and a lack of equipment at home.

IsoCrunch was an idea to stand out from the pack by making all our exercises require no equipment. We understand the limits of on the go workouts and at-home gyms, so we want to make workout routines accessible anywhere, anytime. Our workout plan uses scientifically backed methods with a High-Intensity Interval Training workout with a 40/20 second on and off principle. This is very effective at building muscle strength and endurance.

We had to learn javascript, HTML, and CSS basically from scratch. Our 4 team members had experience with java and python before, so it wasn't the worst learning curve but the new syntax and the constant miss understanding of scope/links between javascript and HTML lead to a lot of frustration. We were really happy with the final result with everyone having an equal part in creating our website. It was honestly very interesting putting our first year of the university into practice through this project and we really enjoyed seeing the stuff we understood come to fruition. Just seeing it all come together was amazing!

You can visit us at:

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