My god we're bored! We're going out of our minds! We miss our friends, we miss our families, we need some social interaction! All we have is a constant stream of news on TV, showing us people who aren't socially distancing properly, who aren't maintaining proper hygeine standards during this crisis. What if... we could combine the two? What if we could get our much needed social interaction, but also make people accountable for their actions during this pandemic? And while we do it, we can look after each other's mental health! Welcome to Iso Court, your hearing is now in session.

What it does

Iso Court enables you to get your much needed social interaction with your group of friends, while also keeping everyone accountable for their actions, meaning that both the health of the community, and the mental health of the individual are taken care of. Iso Court enables users to pull up any group members who aren't respecting COVID-19 etiquette, so they can be held accountable by their own peers. However, instead of being an entirely negatively focused interaction based on dobbing people in, users are also encouraged to provide "penalties" to their group members which will help them build steady routines, focus on the positive aspects of life and benefit their mental health.

How we built it

We built our project with Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, Cloudinary and Heroku.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, our main challenge was deciding how to design a web app that solved a problem that we cared about. There are so many aspects of COVID-19 that we wanted to help with, but we had some robust discussion and eventually whittled it down to two things: community etiquette, and mental health. These are aspects of the pandemic that affect all of our team members, and we wanted to make something that allowed other people to improve these aspects of their own lives. From then on, the main difficulty was deciding on how we could merge these two ideas together. Eventually we settled on a virtual court room, one where detrimental behaviour could be called out, and positive sentences could be given out in order to keep people accountable, and make sure they were still taking steps to improve themselves in such a hard time.

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