What it does

iso allows you to upload generated 3D models using just your phone's camera. Start by taking three images of an object in a specially hand-crafted box. After a few moments, your precious object will be digitalized, immortalized, and uploaded to the cloud.

How we built it

Our project consists of many different parts working cohesively. Our backend webserver runs the Tornado web framework to produce a efficient, scalable, and reliable RESTful API endpoint. The android app is build using Java and the Android SDK to take pictures, perform some calculations and send the digitalized object to our backend. The backend acts as an access point to use with our single-page-application (SPA) built in Angular.js to provide a fluid user experience (and lets not forget access to those precious 3D models).

Challenges we ran into

Unfamiliarity with Angular.js led to some difficulties in the beginning when attempting to communicate with our API endpoint.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All of it!

What we learned

New frameworks, libraries, and much more.

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