Martin. "Marty". Shkreli. Seriously, why is his face so punchable?

What it does

Haven't you ever wondered if your beautiful face could be punchable, but are too afraid to ask a stranger? We did. So we made this to answer your undying question.

How we built it

It uses OpenCV and some Haar Cascading Classifiers to compare your face with hundreds of punchable and non-punchable faces throughout reddit. This is really innovative technology here. Also React.js is cool.

Challenges we ran into

We actually wanted to leave pretty much as soon as we got here but it's -20 degrees outside and it's like a 20 minute walk to anywhere remotely near civilization so we just had to deal I guess.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have (scientifically?) proven Martin Shkreli's face is super punchable.

What we learned

Itai's face is not punchable! Please don't disqualify us!

What's next for

rm -rf **

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