I wanted to make an iOS app for the smasrt car api

What it does

The app gets the location data. The app gets the make and model of the car. The app gets the distance the car has traveled. The app gets the year of the vehicle. The app shows a map of the cars location. The app unlocks and locks the doors.

How we built it

it was built on an ipad 1st Generation 12.9. It was built on a macbook air. It was built by jimmy ellis alone with no sleep.

Challenges we ran into

Calling the api and getting everything to work on the front end and the back end was very hard but with help from the smart car experts it was possible

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of how far I got into making the app

What we learned

I learned the smart car api. i learned how to connect node.js backends to ipad front ends. I learned how to upload ito heroku. I got better at github

What's next for iSmartCar

brain wave iintegration A full use of siri commands to control the car. A front end beauty overhall. better location settings.

Built With

  • mapkit
  • node.js-backend
  • smartcar-api
  • swift-4.0-frontend
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