Statistics show that during the pandemic, the average teen spends about 7 hours and 22 minutes on entertainment sites every day and that counts for 30.67% of their day. With the new normal as we all start to work from home, we want to do something that can help us be productive along while flourishing the social connection that we miss having with our friends.

What it does

Islandoro is web application designed to help you focus by eliminating all distractions for a period of time, prioritizing tasks in your to-do list in a simple and organized way, while reminding you to take regular breaks (you can set the time to however long or short that suits your learning style!). During the break, our users - the islanders - can join break meetup rooms which are 15-30 minutes in length to relax and meet other focusers who are on break, before they’re ready to focus again.

How was it built?

Tejaswini worked on the User Authentication and developing the backend. Madhuri helped in creating the frontend. Lina and Lena worked on creating a friendly and simplistic UI for the web app as well as the logo, graphics and the copywriting. We used Reactjs, Bcrypt, Passportjs for User Authentication and front end. Google Cloud Auth and Dialog Flow for Authentication and Chat bot, as well as Expressjs for backend and Mongo db as data base.

Challenges we ran into

We had 2 designer and 2 developers in our team. Lina and Lena designed our application in Figma by first brainstorming ideas and applying design thinking into our hack to answer the question: how can we help users focus while keeping them engaged, so they want to keep using the web app? When the ideation is complete, Tejaswini and Madhuri ran into some trouble in converting the designs to code in react js, though they made to the end.

Bringing design to live has not been an easy task. To make our UI look similar like the designs in Figma, and somehow integrating chat bot and other features has been challenging. It is also the first time that we're using passport.js so we took the opportunity to learn the new software so we can properly code for authentication.

With the 24 hours, we would love to have focused on the slide deck more to bring our ideas to the final stage.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We were able to create a UI that's both visually appealing and usable to our users, while adding gamification elements such as the ability to level up after our islander reaches a certain milestone (ie. reaching a new focus goal) and rewards to unlock new features to keep our islanders entertained.
  • We were able to pull off an interactive productivity promoting web application.

What did we learn?

  • On the design side, we learned about design thinking of the application and the iterative design process while building an application. We also learned to collaborate by delegating tasks while playing our strengths to our advantage.
  • On the development side, we learned about how to make chatbots and to train them for our application.

What's next for Islandoro?

  • We hope to implement a functional Pomodoro timer and a to-do list where our islanders can easily sort them into Must Do's, Should Do's and Could do's.
  • We hope to implement the connection feature where islanders can expand/merge their island with every connection they make. While on the landing page, they should be able to see upcoming events by their second-degree connections.
  • In the next update of Islandoro, our team will be introducing voice over to widen our accessibility services. We hope in opening up to entertainment partners such as Spotify and Netflix Party to increase interactivity as an islander earns higher productivity points With time and your support, we also aim in connecting with gaming partners such as Among Us to help islanders find teams at the time their break is granted.
  • Future fixes in bugs and collaborations will help the population remain indoors during a pandemic and make use of their time at home. Our goal is to reach every home and age range, whether it’s helping your toddler learn their alphabets or helping your grandmother to get in her daily workout.

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