Island Escape originally started as an idea passed around after we found out about the Global Archiact Jam. We had a few pre-existing art assets that we weren't using otherwise, and after some storyboarding, those assets became the framework for an interesting VR "survival" game.

How it plays

The game is a casual "survival" game in which the player's goal is to repair a rowboat and escape the island. Using the HTC Vive controllers, the player can collect tools, wood, and fruit (for their journey home), and eventually repair their boat by hand once all of the requirements are met.

How we built it

Our team members used Unity 5 to build the project, and utilized Git and SourceTree for version control and easy collaboration.

Challenges we ran into

Most of our team members are were fairly new to game jams prior to the competition, so working in a steady flow and managing time was a minor challenge. We are all somewhat familiar with the Unity engine to one degree or another, but working with the HTC Vive posed an additional (if not entertaining) challenge, as well. The biggest difficulty we faced, though, was one of the most common in VR applications: framerate. We had to make many optimizations in our scripts and assets to maintain a high and steady framerate to prevent users from developing simulator sickness.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Aside from having participated in what was their first game jam for some members, everyone who participated had their own achievements that they felt were significant; from voice acting to the boat repair mechanics to leading a game project for the first time, this competition was certainly an experience we all enjoyed.

What's next for Island Escape

While there are no definite plans for Island Escape in the future, we are considering presenting our project at the UALR EAC's open house later this year, after touching up on the project with feedback from judges and other players.

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posted an update

Island Escape is functionally nearing completion. Many of the mechanics (movement, repairing the boat, etc.) have come together and we're nearly done stitching them together. Once we've added UI and polish, Island Escape can be quality tested before it's submitted.

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