Hoped the scientific method and some fun brain mapping could be of use in finding a solution to my growing non-profit. Inspired by the potential in the talent young women can have in the tech world, but at times are not offered the opportunity to showcase their abilities and determination. I arrived with an opportunity, I just needed the instruments to manifest my idea into a tangible reality for use in the real world.

What it does

Makes it easy for college teams, student organizations interested in a multi-cultural, educational eco-travel experience to organize a trip representing their school in other communities

How I built it

With an amazing team! A 17 year old high school student, a U Maryland Computer Science Major, a U Maryland Chemical Engineering Major, and an American University Computer Science rising senior

Challenges I ran into

Swift is supposed to be simple but if the code is not anchored well in git hub all your work will disseappear

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finding fragments of a puzzle, identified individual talents and abilities and allowed others to envision my solution creatively

What I learned

We just can't hack it alone! Our hack only works as well as the team we attract! Once we work together, we were a symphony of ideas just waiting to be heard.

What's next for Island Corps Mobile Application

Mechanizing it for deployment to be used in the real world - my wishful, hopeful thinking - need to have it up and running by next week so our Spring trip gets going! My team helped me have a great start - feeling blessed!

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