Currently, the whole world is under lockdown, but after these restrictions are lifted how safe will it be to go to crowded places?

What it does

This app uses the Google Places API to get the popular times data from Google and show the user the types of stores around them and how busy they are at a particular time of the day.

How we built it

We used:

Challenges we ran into

The most difficult part of the project was handling the hosting to google cloud app engine platform. We had trouble understanding how the integration works as we are completely new to it. We deployed the app 30+ times before it finally was hosted on the domain we wanted without giving server error. Another challenge we ran into was the directory structure, we experienced many bugs when we tried to move files around to organize the project better.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are especially proud of the webpage hosted by Google App Engine. It is a website that can be accessed by anyone. We are also very proud of the CSS part of the webpage, the table displayed on the website looks much better than we planned it to look.

What we learned

We learned touse a lot of the programs for the very first time (Google Cloud, Google API, Python Flask). We became more proficient with Github and we learned to use CSS with HTML.

What's next for IsItSafe

We have some features we weren't able to add with the time constraint (such as getting user location and adding search radius) that we want to implement for the future. We also want to make the table more interactive and user friendly.

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