In 2018, the founder of Isekai, Frank, an artist and a crypto enthusiast, curated and participated the first blockchain and art exhibition "Art 2.0: DAO" in Asia. In 2019, he participated in another art and blockchain exhibition "Starfish Comes to Society: From Blockchain to Multidimensional Autonomy". He is one of the first pioneers who started to explore how blockchain technology could benefit creator economy back then.

In 2021, as the development of blockchain technology and also NFT being known to the public, Frank felt it’s time to build a creator ecosystem. "Founder Frank is an Anime enthusiast and an artist, as well as a developer.

What it does

Isekai is a decentralized ACGN (anime, comics, games and novels) creator ecosystem. With our creator protocol, we are going to build a bottom up ACGN platform where creators can use NFT culture Legos to participate in community creation and eventually form a NFT content network. Isekai provides various creation tools and distribution channels.

Isekai is the English pronunciation of the Japanese phrase "other world", so Isekai is a platform targeting Japanese anime style creation.

With our creator tools, users can create multiple characters. These characters can be used as users’ avatars in Isekai for socializing and gaming, or references for ACGN creation.

How we built it

Isekai is made up of two main parts in the first phase, which are NFT marketplace with a creator tool and an AVG game editor. The NFT marketplace is built on Ethereum and the AVG game editor is built with Unity.

Challenges we ran into

Current NFT projects are building walls in the digital world, creators still hold the copyright of intellectual properties, which makes it difficult for derivative creation. So, there is no protocol for creators.

Most NFT projects are still using the top-down approach with no community creation. Creators and their fans still use web 2.0 social media to build communities and communicate with each other. The value of their interaction can’t be captured by web 3.0 mechanism.

The narrative we choose is far beyond what the crypto market can accept, so we ran into some difficulties when doing fundraising and market adoption.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We provide on-chain writing tools for creator to use. These text NFTs can be used as basic models for creating a novel. First, users will have a text NFT as an ID card which is their text avatar in Isekai. Then they can customize every attribute of the NFT, even write stories for the character. It is a community powered on-chain literal creation.

What we learned

Stick to what we believe, regardless what others say. Build and create, at the same time, try to find more people share the same faith as we do and build together.

What's next for Isekai

Isekai aims to be the platform to create new paradigm in creator economy. Liberate creators with Web 3.0 technology and together build a free and justice metaverse.

We will put up a creator protocol which requires creators to allow others to make derivative creations based on their works. NFTs with such protocol can truly be used as cultural Lego bricks. All derivatives extend the original project’s aura and cultural charge. Accordingly, the protocol can be a powerful force multiplier for growing an NFT brand.

Then we adapt the bottom-up paradigm which makes the community lead the creating process. Users can make derivatives on others’ derivatives. With the NFT database growing larger, novels, comics, anime, and eventually games could be built on top of them.

The ecosystem helps shape how users and authors interact with each other. Users can give instant feedback in the ecosystem using our decentralized on-chain social network. They have a sort of direct connection with content creators giving them a “Producer-like Feeling.” In comparison, authors have an incentive to maintain a user fanbase given that user reviews increase the number of reputations stories have, and thus as a result interaction and feedback become a sort of gamified currency that can bring certain stories up to the top.

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