Being a freelancer has a number of benefits - you can travel, work hours you choose, pick projects you like. But being freelancer has its own cons - you have to manage your time efficiently, you have to manage operations yourself. Buying supplies, paying taxes, fixing wi-fi, taking care of your kids or pets when you’re on the meeting with clients. In big companies there are dedicated people and departments that do this job for you - auditors, HR managers, team leaders, sales. How in the world can you do all of that yourself? Sometimes I think I just want to Scream!!!

What it does

The mobility era is already here. And a lot of folks like me are already around and they do have the exact same problems as I do.

We’ve built a solution to those problems which will allow people to live healthier and more balanced life without harming their professional goals.


I have a meeting in the other end of the city with very interesting lead, I can’t miss it. But I can’t leave my dog alone, he will whimper and will scare the shit out of my neighbors.

So I open an iScream app, and just scream about my issue, and incentivize the people to help with some money.

Meanwhile here is Vlad, he has a small flat and lives with gf, so he can’t afford a dog, but he really is a pet lover. He opens an app, sees my scream and responds to it!

In a sec I see his kind proposition, and I can negotiate the terms in Status messenger.

After few messages, we trust each other and started the deal.

Which is handled by smart contract, that makes sure everything will work out per terms we agreed on.

How we built it

In its core, an application is a marketplace smart contract, capable of allowing parties to negotiate the terms (price, due dates, etc.), pay for the services provided. The smart contract also keeps history record of all the transaction, allowing the parties to get the idea about their "reputation" in the system while they negotiate.

Challenges we ran into

The hardest thing to do was working with messenger API, we've run into numerous issues. ETH_Sign is still not available in it and our application lacks this API a lot. We had also different challenges related to UI (React-Native).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In the same time we were able to deliver high quality smart contracts, integration and frontend. Parts of application are integrated smoothly (to the extent it is possible to do due to messenger current limitations)

What we learned really impressed us with their platform capabilities, extensibility. We are waiting for new essential features, development tools.

What's next for iScream

iScream will be extended a lot: heatmaps, ratings, mainnet deployment. The product will be launched in beta to the market next year.

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