Online education is a part of our daily life. The impact of online education is not only for Covid19 situation but also for casual life. In our daily life, it is needed to learn and take a degree online. I have a dream to make online education platform which solves our every part of education. Nowadays we have faced so many problems to take acquire degree which a learner wanted but everyone cannot get the right scope. So, an online degree from quality faculty is necessary. I would be happy if I am a part of this.

What it does

Now, anyone can take a course from the site. To take a degree using the site is needed some time to complete. "Try it out" has a link to check it.

How I built it

The web app was built with react, laravel and Codeigniter core using HTML/CSS/JS/SASS/Bootstrap The web app works as follow: 1) User login 2) User can take the course 3) After completing the course he will get a certificate of degree

Challenges I ran into

API method applied which has a little challenge to call for 3 steps(POST, GET, GET). Paypal api method used for payment.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A user can take a course and take a certificate after completing the degree.

What I learned

I have learned new technology like redux using react, API method and online education portal plan.

What's next for iSchool

The next for the platform is to develop the platform user-friendly, course and degree oriented, discussion forum, live platform and other details.

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