Computers are changing the way we live our day to day life activities, but when it comes education sector in Nigerian schools the story is different. Sometimes Lecture Hall leads to cancellation of a fixed class. With Computers, our day-to-day activities became mush easier, Classroom should no be the only place to receive of deliver lectures.

What it does

  • It connects Lecturers and Students to Deliver or Receive Lectures Online.
  • Lecturer can share his Screen with Students
  • Draw Annotations on Screen

  • Lecturer(s) can give an Assignment to Students and be submit online

  • Materials are made available online for students to access it

  • SMS Notification when a Class is about to start or Assignment has been given to students.

Although the YouTube Demo does not show how the Video Call works, there are screenshots are available. Which includes:

  • Screen Sharing
  • Record Video Session (Archive) a Prototype

How we built it

  • Group Video Call was developed using Nexmo (OpenTok) API

  • SMS Notification using Nexmo (SMS) API

  • Deployed on Linode

  • DigitalOcean as Files Cloud Storage for both Materials and Assignments


  • Leaving your home to receive or deliver lectures. People find it difficult most leave their houses to receive or deliver lectures maybe due to the weather condition
  • Traffic jam which could lead to be late on your way going to school.
  • Too much financial expenses. For someone who depends on salary, cannot afford transport fair for his daily to school, which could affect financial earnings/planning for individual.


iSchool an Online School System perfect for both Students and Lecturers to receive or deliver lectures from your room with Online video call.

What we learned

  • Ideation - Starting up a new a idea and getting a solution
  • Team Work and how to build a powerful team for your idea for successful achievements
  • Working with APIs to ease your work

Future plans

  • Lecturer can be able to record an archive for the class, so that students can access it later (i.e if they miss the class)
  • Register new Lecture class Programmatically

Demo Username: admin Password: admin123 Username: student Password: student123

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