Inspiration- We were inspired when we heard stories about people who didn't know the emergency contact of other countries they visited.

What it does- It prompts the user to add the country they are in, and it finds the emergency code for that country

How we built it- we built this using JGrasp with Java.

Challenges we ran into- we could not download the necessary files to be able to create and app, so we instead turned to java to program our code

Accomplishments that we're proud of- we were able to program the 911 numbers for over 150 countries

What we learned- We learned that is important to know the country emergency codes in case of an emergency, but there can be apps that can help you locate yourself

What's next for iSave- we will create an actual app which can be used over the app store to be able to get the location of the user and automatically provide all the ambulance, fire, and police codes for that area.

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