From our experience, in developing nations there is no visibility to crimes in a neighborhood. All women do not have access to smart phone and internet. There is also a factor of shame when it comes to reporting crimes like eve teasing or abuse. Also, in order to report such crimes, women have to call the authorities/ngo's via phone or physically walking over to a police station. This also reduces the chance of reporting. In most developing nations, there are ngo's working all over the country to help women and empower them. However, there is no easy way to connect with them. This tool will try to bridge the gap them.

iSafe allows women to report incidents anonymously via SMS to a twitter account @isafety4all. The incidents can range from cat calling to physical abuse, and the type of incident and level of threat is specified through a hashtag. If one user has reported multiple incidents, or has stated a high threat level, our tool will set up a connection with an NGO close to them by initiating a DM message between both parties. She can engage in private counseling with local ngo. The user can choose to reveal her identity to the counselor once she feels comfortable. The counselor and the victim can then decide the next course of action. For neighborhood with many reported incidents, iSafe will create a petition on, tweeting the details to gain backers and increase awareness of the issue.

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