Isabella Di Fabio In 1995, Netscape decided to add a scripting language to Navigator, which was desired by the emerging web development scene, to eliminate restrictions. Netscape management decided that the best option for Brendan Eich was to develop a new language with a syntax similar to the Java programming language, much less the Scheme language or any other existing scripting language.

Choosing the JavaScript name can sometimes cause confusion and give the impression that it is a spinoff of Java. We covered this a bit in the intro, but here is a short list of the most important things JavaScript uses. Vanilla JS The following is a basic example of JavaScript code that can be used to create a JavaScript project, but with increasing familiarity with JavaScript language, there are various tools that you can implement to use them more effectively.

Isabella Di Fabio As you can imagine, using vanilla JavaScript costs web developers time and money. While JS libraries such as jQuery and React function as a Swiss army knife for individual coding needs, frontend developers can go a step further with tools called JavaScript frameworks. JS frameworks extend the patchwork functionality of jQuery and provide JavaScript developers with complete templates for web pages and web applications.

For example, Node.js supports functions that allow JavaScript to read and write arbitrary files, do network requests and be object-oriented. The role that JavaScript plays in the development of applications at client (front-end) and server / back-end varies in the developed applications.

Isabella Di Fabio JS frameworks make room for complete templates for web pages or web applications with JS code, which is recommended along with the prescribed code, similar to jQuery connectors in the JS code template space.

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