The Problem.

Traffic situation here in the Philippines is undeniably the worst. From the increasing population of vehicles to reckless drivers. According to Experts, metropolitan Manila's notorious traffic jams cost the Philippine economy at least 3 billion pesos ($64 million) a day. A Japanese study in 2012 found that time lost by people stuck in traffic and the extra cost of operating vehicles in Gridlock in metropolitan Manila and nearby areas amounted to 2.4 billion pesos ($51 million) a day. Traffic Management Office is the organization that controls the run of traffic to make it more convenient and light. We cannot really solve the problematic traffic situation but we can help to make it less. Innovation, revolution, and modernization are the three associate words you can correlate with technology; also the three words that can help make the problematic traffic situation less. Technology has produced a lot of solutions that have helped society problems from health to employment to be more expedient and useful. The traffic situation needs to be innovated, revolutionized, and modernized and technology takes a big role for it. We need to think of something beyond the imagination to propose something molds the future of traffic.

What it does

Isabel is a web and mobile application that simplifies ticket issuance and license redemption process of Traffic Management in the Philippines using QR code Technology. It is a one-way process from the ticket issuance of the motorists when they violated the traffic law, to payment for license redemption. This application includes monitoring of violation tickets, license tracking, and “Anti-kotong” feature where they can report immediately via Isabel app. Through this, manual process can be decreased but not be eliminated. Isabel and other applications like this can really shape the future.

Building it.

We used Nodejs, Pug, Nodemailer, for web-based application. On the other hand, we used React native and Expo for mobile development. We integrated Google Map API for driver's license tracking.

Challenges I ran into

The biggest challenge I ran into is my unfamiliarity with mobile development. Besides for having lack of resources such as not having a decent machine to develop mobile development, it's cliche but patience is virtue.


This project has been awarded as the best system in Software Engineering course. Also, it has been recognized by the Marikina's Traffic Management Office.

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