I missed my second flight(Charlotte to Daytona) on my way to HackRiddle 2017 because my first flight(Chicago to Charlotte) was delayed and I just had 36 min layover time at Charlotte which wasn't enough.

Due to which I reached around 7pm instead of 11 am. So I decided to build something which someone can use to get a rough estimate of delay.

What it does

It gets the average Delay time of the first flight, adds time to change gates(set to 10min as best case scenario could take even more ) then checks if the layover time in your ticket would be enough or not and if you should book that ticket.

How I built it

I made a web scrapper using Java and Jsoup which scraps the avg delay time from website. I hosted this scrapper, which acts like my backend on AWS EC2 machine using tomcat7 server. Then created front end for this website using Angular 4 and made REST calls to the scrapper to get the data. Just for change I hosted the front end app on AWS S3

Challenges I ran into

Getting avg time was difficult, there were api's but I didn't use them for two reasons

  1. I would have to pay for every REST request made
  2. Using api's would have been easy, building a own scrapper was difficult and hacking

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting avg delay time by scrapping a web page

What I learned

Web scrapping, REST calls from Angular app to Java based web services

What's next for Is your Layover time Enough?

To calculate time required to change gates based on airport.

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