I had this REALLY cool AR hack and it was going awesome until around 20 hours in the Internet decided to slap me across the face. I spent hours trying to get my TCP connection to work, but the UCB firewalls are too strong, VPNs don't work, localhost isn't an option, and even my mobile data failed.

Update I ended up testing the AR project out when I got home... it works flawlessly... Feels bad AR Repo

What it does

This lets you know if the site is indeed on or now

Challenges I ran into

Not crying over my AR project

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Not walking over the IT department and starting a fire

What I learned

Bring a router next internet related hack

What's next for Is This Website Offline

To get me arrested for possible computer failure

Built With

  • me-thinking-i-am-funny
  • nginx
  • tears-from-last-project-failing
  • three.js
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