My parents have frequently run into situations where they were unable to buy essential items because the massive demand for the products lead to them being sold out within a few hours.

What it does

This product allows users to track certain amazon products (support for other sites coming in the future), and sends then an email whenever the product is in stock.

How I built it

I utilized AWS as my main backend. The API communicates with the HTML frontend.

Challenges I ran into

AWS is difficult to get started with, and the steep learning curve meant I wasn't able to complete everything. I also started late due to other work, so I didn't have as much time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud of how much I managed to accomplish, and I am proud of the website design. I'm not the most artistically talented, but this is probably the best website I've made so far.

What I learned

I learned a lot about utilizing AWS for backend development, and I will definitely use it more in the future. I also increased my HTML skills.

What's next for Is It Here Yet?

Finishing up chromedriver in AWS, a login system, and support for multiple shops!

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