We were unsure if what we were looking at, was in fact, bread.

What it does

Tells you if a photo contains bread.

How we built it

We scraped Google Images for photos of bread and not bread. We then build a model on Google Cloud Vision API (single-label classification). Then we build an Android app that can take a photo (that should've been sent to the API but sadly was not finished cos imports were broken and we were tired of Kotlin). We can still detect with 100% accuracy if a photo contains bread still, however.

Challenges we ran into

Google Cloud imports refused to cooperate with Android Java and Kotlin so we sadly never got the app integrated.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

100% accuracy for detecting if a photo contains bread.

What we learned

We don't like Android development.

What's next for Is it bread?

A finished product if we find a shred of enthusiasm.

Built With

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