Remember that flashy new laptop you saw last week? You're thinking of buying it, but second guess yourself... Is it really worth it? $900 seems cheap to you compared to other laptops and what do you have to lose??

What it does

IRWI is a web app that helps you make these small but difficult decisions. It compares that thing you're thinking of buying with non traditional but familiar units such as cups of coffee, bubble teas ;) , dinners out, movie tickets, and even the amount of work you'll need to finish before you can afford to buy it! It's also personalized to your own financial situation by using salary, work hours, and transit time for an accurate cost to time measurement.

Money can be a subjective and uncomfortable to think about, but IRWI presents the concept in a fun and interactive way so that people can be more mindful about their spending habits.

How I built it

Front End - Single page web app using Angular JS, generates unique userID per user

Back End - Google Cloud Firebase, stores user info, item cost, and retrieves information back for conversion

Challenges I ran into

Traversing through and extracting the specific info I wanted from firebase

Dealing with Asynchronous calls in Firebase

Figuring out styling and Flexbox issues

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

More familiar with setting up Angular apps

Incorporating angular components for smarter styling

What's next for IRWI - Is it Really Worth it?

Allow custom items to be edited and add your own custom items

Displaying a list of previously compared items

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