iRun, Commit To Be Fit

Who Should Use This Application

Typical High Schooler At Home

As a high schooler, many people think athleticism comes naturally. However, at this day and age, many students find it difficult to make time for physical pursuits. With academic and social commitments, students believe that fitness is unimportant are not committed to become healthier. Nevertheless, our application iRun can solve this predicament.

What Makes iRun So Great?

iRun provides a platform in which students are able to "write down" a daily commitment to exercise. By inputting their daily quota in the application, kids feel psychologically accountable to meet their goals. When the application is launched, the student is prompted to enter the daily quota, which as mentioned before, holds the student accountable to attain it. When the student is about to begin a jogging session, all he or she must do is to select the "Start Run" Button located prominently at the bottom of the screen, making it easy to select. Once selected, the application shows a new view to the student which presents their progress both in miles and with a status bar located ubiquitously at the top of the application. Moreover, the application provides the student's current latitude and longitude to signal the application's active tracking features. Just underneath the coordinates label, iRun reflects the coordinates onto a map through which the student is able to track his or her location. Lastly, if the student feels that the map view is draining their battery, he or she is given the ability to close the view without halting the tracking process. (The student can always reopen the map by selecting the "Show Map" button just below the "Stop Run" button).

Overall, iRun provides a simple user interface through which students are able to set daily quotas and work towards attaining their fitness goals. After all, if we are to ever become athletic, we have to "commit to be fit".

Built With

  • apple
  • cllocation
  • cllocationcoordinate2d
  • cllocationmanager
  • ios
  • mkmapview
  • uialertview
  • uibutton
  • uilabel
  • xcode
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