I am inspired to create a web app that allows both computer algorithms and human creativity work together towards creating an awesome artwork that has a value.

What it does

Irregulart generates an image using Perlin Noise and randomized parameters that the user can customize. Irregulart can create any image that is tuned based on the following parameters: colors, brightness, saturation, thickness, number of particles, and curl. Additionally, the user can generate an image that is parameterized by certain piano notes / sound clips that the user plays.

How I built it

I built the front-end using P5.js and the back-end using Google Firebase. Additionally, I used GitHub and to deploy the web app.

Challenges I ran into

  1. I faced challenges connecting my GitHub repo to domain. I spent a significant amount of time debugging.
  2. I faced challenges setting up a running server for p5.js. I did not know how to set up a server on my local machine.
  3. I wanted the generator to be as customizable as possible, but I did not have a lot of time. So, time constraint was definitely a challenge on its own.

Accomplishments that I am proud of

I am proud of being able to build a working back-end and front-end within the short time frame. I am also proud of the simplicity of the webapp, its functionality, and its intuitive look.

What I learned

I learned to manage my time well because this was a large project that had to be done within a short amount of time. I also learned to write a full-stack Javascript web app, thanks to P5.js, that is functional on my own. Additionally, I did a lot of research on Google Cloud and learned how to initialize and make use of Firebase.

What's next for Irregulart

Irregulart can be improved with dozens of new features that would prove it to be an effective image generator for NFT purposes. In the future, I would like to Irregulart to:

  1. Mint images as NFTs on the Solana blockchain.
  2. Mint images as NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain.
  3. Generate bigger images, 4, Generate HD images.

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