Inspired by the Spiderman suit made by Ironman in Spiderman Homecoming: IronSpider

It takes an image of a climbing wall and user inputs (height, leg length, color of route, scale of image to reality) and returns an algorithm with which a person with a basic skill set could climb the route. It then visualizes that algorithm in Processing to show the movement of the person. Currently, it assumes that all holds are equal (e.g. jugs) and that the wall is straight up (90 degree angle from the ground)

Alex built the image processing and user input elements, Rajesh and Govind pair programmed and discussed the logic function the climbing algorithm, Rajesh wrote most of and finished the algorithm code, and Govind made the visualization on Processing.

challenges: role/work distribution, fatigue, technical issues (e.g. running out of storage space)

We finished the program and even added extensions :D

Global lists in python are a no-no and image processing is difficult

IronSpider was designed to eventually become a mobile app to work with image processing hardware such as snapchat spectacles or google glass to dynamically inform the user of a viable climbing route, whilst they are climbing, according to their height, weight, limb-length, and skill-set, but also the number and types of holds on the wall, and the wall's angle. It would also ideally return a rating and recommend equipment and/or name moves. Its real world applications would be mountain rescue and leisure climbing.

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