We had the chance to work on google home which is very early in its dev cycle. Sundar Pichai is our hero because he has theorized google home and we mastered home integration through google assistant. Mayur Talole and Cathy Tran helped keep our team together and our morale high to sustain this bombardment of learning.

What it does

We can control aspects of the home, such as doors and lights, using google home.

How we built it

Using we used webhooks to post a query of JSON to the raspberry pi web server. This server then parsed the JSON post for key parameters and respective values. After evaluating key parameters we sent a serial connection to the arduino calling on different functions to control the makeshift home. (LED's for simplicity as we can't get our hands on a door)

Challenges we ran into

Since google home is a very new product and not many people have written thorough documentation on custom frameworks we ran into a handful of problems. An example would be our webhooks. We had trouble initially getting the webhooks to reach a public facing URL. We tried and AWS to no avail.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

To solve the server problem we tunneled our local host to make it accessible on the network. This was accomplished by using and the server was set up using sinatra and ruby.

What we learned

We learned conversational intents using as well as securing an IOT network. We had to learn ruby from scratch to create our web server as well as using NFC devices to interact with the arduino.

What's next for Google Home Home

Google Home Home Home.

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