PresentXR is an immersive solution where regular business users create & deliver captivating presentations. Unlike traditional presenting software, PresentXR boosts audience attention to your message instead of being distracted by their smartphones (which are now occluded from view).


  • Storytelling power of immersive media.
  • Need for immersive content creation tools useable by business stakeholders.
  • Pain at industry conference booth audiences paying more attention to their cellphone (which, in a headset, becomes impossible)
  • Movies like Iron Man, Minority Report, Avatar, where spatial media has been used for user interaction surpassing what's possible on flat pieces of plastic

What it does

1) Composition

  • Scenes-as-slides
  • Add & manipulate text, image, video, 3D models, sound, map, dataviz .. using Iron Man-style interface about your hand

2) Presentation

  • Paging through immersive scenes-as-slides
  • Sample presentation that tells the story of global warming, which the user is asked to use our tool to complete

How we built it

  • Discussing pain points
  • Exploring interaction models & available resources
  • Storyboarding workflows
  • Decomposing work breakdown structure & assignments
  • Hourly "stand up"'s

Challenges we ran into

  • Incompatible packages
  • Learning new SDKs & hardware in finite time
  • Collisions between static rigid bodies & kinematics (poorly documented SDK use case)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Interact in VR using hands
  • Easy to use physical interaction with spatial content
  • Document model for immersive "PowerPoint"

What we learned

  • Leap Motion SDK

What's next for PresentXR?

  • Import existing content e.g. PowerPoint slides, as a starting point for immersive slides one builds around (i.e. meet users where they already have content & ease the transition)
  • UI toolkit for uniquely spatial computing (as a basis for this & other projects)
  • Speaker training using AR (Method of Loci for memorizing your talk)

Team Bios

Aaron Moffatt has worked at the intersection of film, music, and technology for a decade and a half – as a bioinformatics software engineer, a VR/emerging technology startup founder, and a symphony and solo violinist.

Lewis Gardner is a full-stack XR software engineer fluent in 15+ languages.

Elena is a graduate research assistant at the MIT Media Lab. Her current research involves exploring the use of multi-sensory media to create new interactions that blend the digital realm with the physical.

Aaron Briones is an Experience Designer with a formal education in Human Computer Interaction. He is passionate about creating experiences that people love using.

Bob Levy is CEO of Immersion Analytics. He speaks regularly on XR with talks including MIT Technology Review's EmTech Caribbean, O’Reilly Media’s Strata Data Conference, DataWorld, StartupFest, QuantCon & AR in Action / MIT Media Lab.

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