I was inspired by Atlassian to develop Iron Forge Devops . I liked that Atlassian centralized and organized all the Important powerful user enabling tools such as Confluence , Jira, Bitbucket, Trello into a single location . Having all the tools in a single location is convenient , safe and saves users a massive amount of time , money and effort this is something I really liked that I could do everything like create tickets, host code , do code reviews, do deployments and document platforms easily and safely all in Atlassian.

So this inspired me to make Iron Forge so that I could supercharge Confluence and do all of the Dev Ops tasks from within Atlassian while also solving 3 critical problems . While Bitbucket continuously handles Code, merges ,deployments. Iron Forge completes the Devops cycle and provides a power packed 3 in one function that allows you to continuously Monitor , Analyze , Plan ,Test, delegate and optimize your sites all through Confluence In Realtime while ensuring all information is comprehensively well documented and upto date . It's also a gateway to upskill your entire team and task delegate to juniors and ensure that everyone has the same level of information.

From a Devops perspective the end result was Iron Forge Supercharges Confluence , Complements Bitbucket and allows you to Complete the Entire Devops Cylcle on Atlassian.

3 Critical problems that Iron Forge solves

Typically a development team works on 2 to 3 projects simultaneously and through Out the year can develop & monitor 10 to 34 sites in small companies. In medium to Large companies that scales by several Magnitudes which makes it very difficult and virtually impossible To write comprehensive Documentation that is Up to date and complete and often taking shortcuts while neglecting the Production environments.

Iron Forge and Confluence will solve these 3 Critical problems.  1) No Documentation / Asset tracking  2) Obsolete Incomplete Documentation & Handovers  3) Shortage of Cybersecurity Experts

What it does

Iron Forge is a Real-time Documentation, Devops & Cyber Security System for Production ,Development & Training with Near Zero Learning Curve . see this PDF =>

Potential Impact

5 million WP sites and teams.

How we built it

I built Iron forge using Atlassian Forge and Confluence using forge custom ui and lambda functions.

Challenges we ran into

There are some bugs I have to fix Since I am new to Forge I had to learn it and learn how to set yaml permissions which took some time. I ran into some bugs but with the support of the Atlassian team and documents was able to resolve them.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud that Iron forge is accessible through confluence on desktop , mobile and all browser enabled devices and that it's developed into very powerful devops tool that is very easy to use , Iron Forge allows you to do 30 different actions with only one click and takes tasks that took hours and were time consuming to do and reduced them down to just minutes while ensuring that documentation is always upto date , never obsolete and available in Realtime . I am also proud that Iron Forge serves as a 3 in one function where it also Acts as a Cyber security tool and it also acts as a learning and Upskilling tool that reduces the national shortage of quality analysts & Cybersecurity experts because the Iron forge is so easy to use anyone can use it with virtually no training as every single click on a desired menu item will provide valuable information that juniors can look at ,analyze and find out more information on.

What we learned

I learned that Atlassian Forge is secure by design and only allows the domains ,scripts that you whitelist to work , This greatly increases security and reduces risk so iron forge leverages that and allows you to centralize your assets and conduct critical devops ,cybersecurity and upskilling operations from within Atlassian in a convenient and organized way.

What's next for Iron Forge

I can start Adding :

1) Improved error handling

2) Realtime Site Load speed

3) Realtime Site appearance screen shot

4) More color themes

5) Unauthorized Differential Change monitoring on the live environment of JS ,XML , CSS & Users

6) Advanced DNS module for DMARC, SPF,DKIM

7) Advanced records module for A , AAAA, CNAME ,ANAME ,NS ,MX ,TXT Records

8) Automated email reports

9) Voice commands

10) Text to speech synthesis

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