Friendly technical support. At every hour. For any issue.

Need help? Irma is all the technical support you need in one phone number.

Call Irma at +46 766 86 10 42 or +358 45 739 63 485 (costs like a regular phone call) and explain your issue. We will hand your support ticket to one of our technical experts who will call you back to solve your problem. Call as many times as you like. We will bill you at the end of the month.

How to get your own personal technical support today

  1. Go to Click "Get Started" and register as a new customer.
  2. Call our support number (+46 766 86 10 42 or +358 45 739 63 485) and explain the issue that you want help with.
  3. At the end of the month, you get the bill.

You only have to register once, and you don't need to be online or even at a computer to use Irma. All you need is your phone, just like back in the day.

We will never share your phone number. Our experts will call you through our services, they can never call you directly.

Want to earn extra money? Put your tech skills to use!

By becoming a part of the Irma Expert team you can get paid by solving the problems you know best. You decide what issues to take on and when to do it. Focus on your are of expertise! We reward customer service – the higher you rate with customers, the more you earn.

How do I do it?

  1. Go to Click "Get Started" and register as an expert.
  2. Go to "All support tickets" and browse open issues. Read the transcripts, browse the tags, and listen to the customers' own recordings.
  3. When you find an issue to work on, click "I'll help!". Then click "Call customer" to initiate a phone call.
  4. When the issue is resolved, click "Done".
  5. If you want to drop an issue for another expert to pick it up, click "Put back".

Under "My Profile" you can keep track of support tickets that you have taken on yet to be resoved and see your finished support tickets that add up to your salary.

Always be your best self – high customer rating means high salary! Experts who receive positive reviews will have bonuses added to their salary. The higher the rating, the more the money!

How does all this work?

We use artificial intelligence to transcribe customer phone calls and extract keywords. Through a phone server we record and route calls between experts and customers. We never publish your phone number – everything goes through our numbers.

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