We had two goals in mind initially with this project. The first to replicate Superman's heat vision using a laser that would point wherever your eye was looking at using an eye tracker. The second was to offer those rendered completely immobile a way to communicate with other people using the laser eye tracker. They would be able to point at whatever they wanted to and make it visible to people around them with the laser pointer that would move in accordance with their eye. Given a sheet of letters they would be able to move around and trace the letters they needed in order to communicate properly, one situation being spelling out "W-A-T-E-R" for when they are thirsty.

After finishing our project we managed to get eye tracking working for video and enabled voice control for where we wanted the laser to point at.

What it does

An internet of things laser!

How I built it

We have a laser we took apart from a Taser that we mounted on a custom 3d printed servo mount which allows us to fire it wherever we please.

Challenges I ran into

We thought of this hack idea during the road trip to Penn Apps so we literally didn't have a single part on us. The only thing we had was an Arduino and a cool hack idea. We wasted 4 hours trying to get to Radioshack only to realize they converted to selling mobile phones and phone cases. Eye gaze tracking was extraordinarily difficult. We had to use an Android phone as a camera so we had to send data through WebSockets to our server that would then take that camera footage and produce a video on the other end. This ended up being too time consuming to continue.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

In the end, we somehow managed to get everything we wanted to work.

What I learned

Computer vision and lasers are really really awesome.

What's next for Iris

TWITCH PLAYS LASER ARMAGEDDON. But in reality, we are going to try to get it to do cool things like shoot down mosquitos or allow people to have laser vision like we wanted to do originally.

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