There are nearly 41,000 United States Citizens who have issues typing on a keyboard and with the recently technology field, they feel more isolated than ever. So why not have them be a part of this technology revolution? With IRIS, they can! They no longer have to spend hours typing and they can simply talk to their chrome browser to search the web, adjust the settings, and do nearly anything!

What it does

Searches the web, control google chrome, the whole works!

How we built it

HTML, CSS, JavaScript with Houndify's API

Challenges we ran into

Using the Web SDK from Houndify was a bit challenging and so we needed to create an iframe and thus resulted in cross platform communication.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were all fairly new hackers with less than 5 hackathons of experience between ALL of us. Thus, it was really cool for us to come together and finish this!

What we learned

How to be a team, communicate, and encourage one another!

What's next for IRIS

We will continue to use Houndify's API to make IRIS even smarter, faster and more of a presence by allowing her to talk back to the user in the future!

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