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Table of Contents

  1. Usage
  2. Requirements
  3. Development
    1. Installing Dependencies
    2. Tasks


Some usage instructions


  • Node 6.9.x
  • Redis 3.2.x
  • Postgresql 9.6.x
  • etc


Installing System Dependencies

brew install yarn
brew install redis
brew install postgresql

Yarn is a replacement for npm. It's faster and guarantees consistency -- as you deploy your code in various environments, you won't run the risk of slight variations in what gets installed.

Install Project Dependencies

yarn global add grunt-cli knex eslint

Database Initialization

IMPORTANT: ensure postgres is running before performing these steps.

Database Creation:

Use grunt to create a new database for your development and test environments:

Development envronment: grunt pgcreatedb:default

Other environments, specify like so: NODE_ENV=test grunt pgcreatedb:default

Run Migrations & Data Seeds

In terminal, from the root directory:

knex migrate:latest --env NODE_ENV

knex migrate:rollback --env NODE_ENV

knex seed:run --env NODE_ENV

Note: --env NODE_ENV may be omitted for development. For example, knex migrate:latest will run all migrations in the development environment, while knex migrate:latest --env test will migrate in the test environment.

Running the App

To run webpack build: yarn run build

To run server: yarn run start

To run tests: yarn run test

To run your redis server for the session store redis-server

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