Created for all busy, commuting New Yorkers and for all visitors as well, iReloaderEZ is a Fare calculator application that helps determine ANY fare combination of rides/card balances/desired amounts, available for all MTA Pay-Per-Ride MetroCards when it's time to refill!

Most of the people will not seek most of the functions, but ALL of the people will NEED Some of them!

Let's admit it; the best thing to come along lately are the countdown clocks added to multiple subway platforms. Why? Because they reduce stress, giving riders assurance and ease of mind.

iReloaderEZ was created with that same theme in mind.

From personal experience trying to memorize, or quickly calculate in my head the proper amounts to add to my card, (and just missing ;-)) trying to find the best balance when I, like you all, KNEW I had other bills to pay, you know the drill: wanting to keep as much in our bank account/credit/debit card accounts as possible, thereby refilling our card most efficiently and QUICKLY!

Now we can! No other calculator out there gives you all of the options this one does.

I love NYC!!!

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