Inspiration when

i was in second study i lost my id and i could not find it i went to put public notice to the radio

What it does

publishment of id and others staffs

How I built it

in android studio during my off class

Challenges I ran into

my buggers (error) whith out any support to help me

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

being strong developer

What I learned

to implement what you have in action in the line better world 

What's next for ireebe

punishment markets product commodity

Built With

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posted an update

Ireebe has been put to life from a popular case in Rwanda, that people lose so many valuable things like identification cards, passports and more. and they can't have a space where they will look for the items and the people who also pick them up don't have a space to mark that they have collected such items. So Ireebe came as a solution to link those two groups of people either lost or collected, then track what you lost or post what you found, and be more easier than purchasing new documents.

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