Drug addiction and alcoholism currently plague Massachusetts and the entire United States. CEO Jack Kelly, a recovering heroin addict with nearly 12 years of sobriety, has created a mobile application for smartphones called iRecover App. While on a trip to New Orleans, he found himself surrounded by drinkers and wished he had quick access to find nearby 12-step meetings and other people in recovery. The idea for iRecover was born and years later has come to life as a way to bridge public health and technology.

How it works

Medical studies have demonstrated that people in recovery help one another by staying in consistent contact. "One addict helping another" is a proven, successful tool in fighting alcoholism & addiction, both in those trying to get clean and sober as well as those maintaining long-term recovery. iRecover connects users, based on their location, to others in recovery, meetings, and resources. The app also welcomes family and friends of those fighting addiction as well as healthcare professionals working in the addiction treatment field.

While iRecover includes a social media component in its Feed, the app also offers a location-based meeting finder as well as the ability to find iRecover users nearby. The intention of the feed is to allow a space for users to discuss recovery topics in a safe and private space, either through a Facebook connection or an anonymous account. The geo-features provides a method for users to find others in or seeking recovery within a specified range and they can then message users privately for conversation and support or arrange to meet for coffee or a support meeting, a common practice in the recovery world. .

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What's next for iRecover App

Future iterations of iRecover will include partnerships with healthcare professionals and organizations and will allow users to find and arrange treatment within the app. This lifelong healthy living focus will also include in the next update information from this Challenge about what to do in the case of an opiate overdose.

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