We are working on the Immigrant & Refugee Community Organization (IRCO) cause.


The format of program information is not accessible to everyone who needs it. Information is shared on sheets of paper and is presented in a way that can be hard to understand. Their website lists the phone numbers of the Program managers, so they typically field calls to respond to questions. Since they are running 19 schools with schedules and term dates that vary, and the information for each is organized differently, the program managers have to sort through all of this information in order to respond to questions.


The project goal is to answer the three most common questions to youth program managers:

  • What schools are served,
  • What is the schedule
  • Who qualifies

This information should be presented in a way that is accessible to people with language or literacy barriers. It is integrated with their current site for consistency. It will also provide a location for Program Managers to guide people to for more information.

Target Audience

The primary audience for this project are parents of students in the SUN program, these parents can include Immigrants and Refugees with language or literacy barriers. The secondary audience is the Program Managers for the youth programs.

Project Description

We wanted to make learning about programs and activities as easy as possibly so we decided to add to the website that people already use. Our project extends the current irco.org website to include additional information about locations, activities, and qualifications. For the hackathon we are focusing on their Youth program, but this can be extended for other program areas.

We are adding a map that displays the school locations and a list of activities at each SUN school when you select it on the map. You can download forms and schedules for each activity by clicking on it. For accessibility you can see an image describing the activity if you hover over it.

Additional features

There are many additional features and functionalities we wish we could have accomplished during this hack: Make the user’s navigation experience more friendly. Provide district lines on the map to show the areas served by each school so users can see if they live in the area served. Make the content more dynamic. (read locations from a file or a db) Show the schedule and activities on the site directly. Add the ability to create/edit activities so managers can update the schedule through the website. Add this map experience to other program areas. Navigate by activities, then location in program areas for adults.

Team Contributions

  • Sarah Rehmer - Development
  • Tanvi Garg - Development
  • Hannah Scovill - Data, UX, Development
  • Kristina Mucker - Requirements, Images, theme, UX
  • Toby Fee - AWS hosting, Development
  • Megan McMillan - Lead, UX, project submission, presentation
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