When renting a place, a tremendous amount of time is wasted on pointless viewings because landlords often have a mindset to reject tenants based on certain criteria like students, age, number of children or income. Agencies always push for viewings but landlords decline within hours after bidding for their flats. For example, we calculated that we wasted 3 full days on such pointless viewings when searching to rent a flat in London. We propose a solution that makes the renting market more efficient. The fewer pointless viewings the less time people waste and the less they pollute.

What it does

IQOR (I Quit Ordinary Renting) makes the renting market more efficient in terms of time spent on viewings and even resources. IQOR allows landlords to view a short bio of the people interested in renting their flats and decide if they meet their criteria. Potential tenants can see how many others are interested in the same flat, how many people already viewed it and how likely the landlord is to reject them.

How we built it

We used Q/KDB for most of the back end. We forward the calculations through Python Flask. The front end is Jinja, HTML5 and SCSS. It is interesting to note that the whole back end calculations are done in 120 lines of code. That's why we think the stack choice was very well suited for the problem.

Challenges we ran into

Generally, front end is new to us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A fully-working version of the product we were envisaging.

What we learned

We gained depth in our back end knowledge and breadth in front end.

What's next for IQOR

In the future, IQOR intends to allow landlords to also ask for a customizable questionnaire before a potential tenant submits his/her intention to rent.

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