How it all began... built by sweat.

Both founders share a common start in life. Both grew up in poor communist countries. This taught them the hard way the value of money. Later, having broken free for greener pastures they got formerly educated. With time, they crossed paths at work. Nearly a decade of friendship & working together the 2 minds decided to combine forces and solve their never ending pains around financial transactions. They started with a common financial transaction expense we experience daily, the receipt.

They tried many apps on the market but none were satisfactory. Most apps were not real time and others were web only in a world that has gone mobile. Both founders with software engineering backgrounds and experience in finance & retail, decided to solve this problem for themselves first. Under pressure from friends and family, the founders decided to release the app for public consumption.

Fast forward to today and the service is thriving. It is 100% automated, sports integration with popular cloud accounting services inc cloud storage, handles loyalty cards and secure expense sharing for families & businesses. And this is just the tip of the iceberg of an electrifying product road map.

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