We are big fans of IPython notebooks. They are a form of literate programming and allow us to integrate math expressions, code, explanations in Markdown and beautiful visualizations in a single document. Because Confluence is a great tool for documentation, we thought that it should also provide a way to include IPython notebooks from various sources.

What it does

It provides a Confluence macro to integrate IPython notebooks from a configurable URL into Confluence cloud pages. Code, graphs and markdown in the IPython notebook is rendered when the Confluence page gets rendered.

How I built it

With the Atlassian Connect Express framework.

Challenges I ran into

How to render the IPython notebooks on the client (browser) to reduce costly server load in the cloud.

What's next for IPython Notebook Viewer for Confluence Cloud

Better support for math expressions in the IPython notebooks by making use of MathJax.

Built With

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