Our mobile app is an evidenced-based, secondary level intervention to help patients and healthcare providers prevent disease-related complications and disabilities.

The prevalence of chronic disease is a complex public health epidemic. Chronic diseases are a burden to our healthcare system and cost our economy billions of dollars every year. The true cost of these conditions comes from disease-related complications and disabilities when the condition is poorly managed.

Chronic diseases threaten the health of our economy:
• The latest report from the CDC indicates that in a single year, 84 percent of all healthcare spending was for 50 percent of the population with chronic medical conditions. • In 2012, we spent $245 billion on diabetes alone—$176 billion in direct medical costs and $69 billion in decreased productivity. • Uninformed patients cost hospitals 8-21 percent more than informed patients.

Self-management has to be part of a chronic disease care plan. Simple lifestyle changes and medication compliance prevent costly complications and improve outcomes.

Our app delivers interactive patient education and actionable prompts to improve patient knowledge and change their behaviors. Certificates of completion, rewards and engagement in a Salesforce community further motivate patient change and support.

Since Salesforce captures patient interaction with the app, it can reveal gaps in knowledge that affect health outcomes. Healthcare providers then use these results to develop a personalized care plan for patients and target resources towards individual patient needs.

Instead of limiting interactions to the most expensive person on the care team, the doctor, the app introduces patients to allied health team members who can help them where the patient’s need is greatest.

The outcomes include improved quality of life for patients and lower healthcare costs for everyone.

Presentation Team Members: Wendy Moltrup, Russell Feldman, Magen Jennings

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